RealPlayer Cloud Launched, Lets You Access Your Videos Anywhere. real player cloud features

How RealPlayer Cloud Works

Once you upload a video from any device regardless of format, it is optimized, and multiple copies of different profiles are created and stored in secondary storage in the cloud. These copies do not affect the amount of storage space available in your RealPlayer Cloud account. While multiple copies are automatically made, the source video file is always available for download. Additionally, uploaded files are immediately available for playback even while they are being transcoded. During playback, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) profiles or Progressive Download (PD) profiles are appropriately served depending on the device and connectivity being used to watch the video. If you want to download the file to a device for offline playback, the right PD profile is delivered. For example, if you uploaded a mkv file to RealPlayer Cloud and want to download it to an iPad, the video downloaded to the iPad using the RealPlayer Cloud app will be in the right format for playback on the iPad. RealNetworks’ SurePlayTM system exists both on the cloud and on the devices where RealPlayer Cloud is installed. This allows guaranteed playback not only from cloud-to-device, but also from device-to-device. If you opt into the premium tier you get additional streaming and PD profiles, as well as more cloud storage space. Your videos with a higher bitrate get a higher definition experience in high bandwidth, large screen environments. When you share videos using RealPlayer Cloud with friends and family, they don’t need to install the app or register for an account in order to watch the video. Because of SurePlayTM, the video always plays at the receiver’s end. This enables a seamless share and play experience.