apple imei banned iphones The answers is no.  It is not Apple that blacklists IMEI’s of iPhones that are either stolen or unpaid for in balance from carrier.  It is the carrier itself that bans the phones from it’s towers.  Banning comes from the carriers database and not the actual maker of the phone. Carriers have also started sharing databases so soon people won’t be able to hop from carrier to carrier after a device is IMEI banned. At the present moment, a person who has been IMEI banned from T-Mobile can hop over to H20 or other MVNO’s that run on AT&T towers.  A person can’t use an IMEI banned phone on carriers like Solavei, Simple Mobile, Ultra Mobile or other MVNO’s that run under T-Mobile’s towers.  T-Mobile doesn’t play around and is quick to ban devices that haven’t been paid for. t-mobile imei blocking phones