iPhone users are complaining about some of the new iOS 7 features.  Some users are reporting apps that are just closing by themselves. Here are the top complaints about iOS 7.

The Look

1.  The colorful bright look of the icons appear as if they were meant for kids.  I am sure Apple devices running iOS 7 will end up being a favorite for kids. ios7 screenshot  


2.  You can’t choose which Wifi network you want to join from the new control panel. ios 7 control panel wifi issues  


3. It takes longer than average to figure out how to delete a text from a conversation. ios 7 texting problems fix Read the rest of the top complaints about iOS 7 at Business Insider. http://www.businessinsider.com/complaints-about-ios-7-2013-9?pundits_only=0&comments_page=1#it-took-me-way-too-long-to-figure-out-how-to-delete-a-text-out-of-a-conversation-4