orange mobile free text You can nominate your Magic Numbers using Your Account online. You’ll need to register to use Your Account. If you have not already done so, you’ll need your account number for pay monthly customers or your four-digit ID for pay as you go customers in order to register. If you have an iPhone or Android handset you can manage your Magic Numbers through the Your Orange app. If you follow the Magic Numbers link from the home screen of the app, you’ll be presented with a screen which shows any Magic Numbers you currently have set up on your account. If you do not have any set up, you will be given the option to do so. Alternatively, if you are having problems accessing Your Account to set up your Magic Numbers you can call Orange Customer Services. When you do this you’ll be able to follow the automated service and nominate your Magic Number. Call:

  • 150 from a pay monthly Orange phone or 07973 100150 any other phone
  • 450 from a pay as you go Orange phone or 07973 100450 any other phone

  Once you’ve nominated your Magic Number you’ll receive a text message confirming what your Magic Number is. When you receive this text you’ll be able to call your Magic Number for the discounted price. It is free to nominate a Magic Number.


Pay monthly customers on an eligible talk plan receive one Magic Number every six months, from the date you nominate your first Magic Number. There’s no limit to the number of Magic Numbers you can have and no limit to the number of months you can use your Magic Numbers for, within the lifetime of your contract. Pay as you go customers also receive one Magic Number every six months, from the date you nominate your first Magic Number. However, there is a limit of three Magic Numbers per account and you must meet a top up requirement of £10 each month, to make use of your Magic Number the following month. If you top up by £10 every month before your ‘Monthly Top Up Date’ you will be able to use your Magic Number every month. Magic Numbers can only be Orange UK mobile phone numbers or numbers on the Orange UK Broadband Access network (part of the Wireless & Talk Service). You can have a mixture of these numbers as your Magic numbers.


If you’re a pay monthly customer you can amend your Magic Number once every six months. If you’ve already made your allowed number of changes you’ll need to call customer services on 150 from a pay monthly Orange phone or 07973 100150 from any other phone for further assistance (call charges may vary). If you’re on pay as you go, then you can amend your Magic Numbers once every month within your change window. If you make a mistake when you’re entering the number, call Customer Services on 450 or 07973 100450.