Q: iOS 7 How do I remove my personal certificate from my iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch?

In order install your MIT personal certificate onto your iOS 7 device, you first need to remove your older personal certificate profile. If you attempted to renew the certificate without removing the older certificate you may of received the following error. The original profile has a different signature than the replacement profile. Installation is not permitted.”Use the below instructions to remove the old personal certificate profile.


  1. Navigate to Settings > General. settings screen
  2. Scroll to the bottom of this list, there should be a button for Profiles. Select Profiles. general settings screen
  3. On the following page you should see two certificate profiles listed, one will have your name listed on it, select this certificate. profiles screen
  4. On the following screen you will see the details of your personal certificate along with a red Remove button. ClickRemove. profile screenYou will be prompted with a message that reads Removing this profile will change settings on your iPhone. ClickRemove.