Do you want to use your Outlook email service on your android phone?  Then you should consider following the below steps to tie your outlook account to your Android device or phone! outlook link to android

  1. Search for “android to outlook” in the Play Store app. Select “Moffice- Outlook sync” from the list of apps there.

  2. Click “Install,” to install the app, then “Open” to open it. Make sure to install “Mobi Synapse System Tool” from the Play Store as well, since it’s a companion app the MOffice tool needs.

  3. Hit the menu button once the mOffice app opens.

  4. Select “Settings” from the drop-down that appears.

  5. Click “Sync Now.” Add your IP address from your computer in the box that comes up, then click “add” to add the account for syncing. Once synced, you can view your Inbox, tasks, calendar, and other items in the main screen.