Do you want to remove Microsoft Office 2013 from your Windows 7 computer? Here is the automatic and manual procedure on uninstalling Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium Preview for your Windows.

uninstall Microsoft Office 2013


  1. Log on the using your Window Live/Hotmail account, click on the blue “Deactivate” link on the “My Account –” webpage.

If you are not confident you can detect and clean the related remnants, please download this uninstaller to help you,… See http://howto-uninstall.windowsuninsta… Project: Uninstaller MD5: 2785f0eb583c573d6725200100c11195 If you find this useful, it’s free & fast to leave a thumbs up, type with your mind, and share it with your circle – Things that really matter. And if you’re just unhappy, please let us know. Thank you very much, guys there! 😀