nvidia shield best gaming android Meet NVIDIA® SHIELD™—a revolutionary new gaming and entertainment device designed for the modern gamer. SHIELD combines the power of the world’s fastest mobile processor, NVIDIA Tegra® 4, with a 5–inch tablet display and console-grade game controller to redefine the handheld experience. SHIELD gives you the freedom to play all your favorite Android™games with new levels of precision, wirelessly stream GeForce®GTX-powered PC games, blast your favorite music, and fly an AR Drone. You can even run the most popular emulators from your home library of retro games. Plus, SHIELD gives you a great way to play HD movies at up to 4K resolutions. Welcome to a new era in gaming and portable entertainment.

Razer™ Edge Pro The Most Powerful Tablet In The World

The Razer™ Edge Pro is powered by Intel® Core™ processors and NVIDIA® GeForce™ graphics powering a 10.1” high definition multi-touch display, and a rugged high-speed solid state drive that screams incredible performance in a portable form-factor. razer edge pro gaming tablet high end games    

Wikipad  Gaming

wikipad gaming pad   There’s a lot of fun to be had with a Wikipad straight out the box. The Wikipad has all the features of a high quality tablet and is tough enough to take all the game play you can dish out. The Wikipad has the processing power you would expect from a quad core Nvidia processor to play the latest and best games in the cloud or on the tablet. The Wikipad comes with our lightweight interchangeable patented game controller, which assures comfortable game play as it was intended. The controller has all the standard game pad controls including dual-analog sticks, buttons, dpad, bumpers and triggers. The Wikipad makes for a fun mobile gaming experience while also having all the powerful features of a tablet.