asking out a girl advice Some guys are too shy to ask out a girl.  Some girls are also too shy to ask out men but men are expected to make the first moves.  If you are too shy to ask out someone, don’t be.  The reason you should not fear having to ask out someone is because rejection is not the end.  A girl will say she has a boyfriend already or if she wants to reject a man she will often be nice about it and say something like “I am too career minded for a man now” (which happened in my case) or she will simply ignore you and not talk to you.   If you are rejected just know that there are enough women out their and one will say yes to you.  There was one time where I can clearly remember being too afraid to even talk to women but as I grew older and more mature I found out that approaching women is as easy as 1-2-3.  Picture it this way, if you don’t approach a girl and ask her out you will never get anywhere and the worst that will happen is a rejection and you keep moving, simple as that.  Nothing to be afraid of here.  Also consider avoiding online dating sites as it is harder to find a lady online than in real life.  Trust me it’s been proven dating sites are a waste of time. If you can approach them and say hi then you can also ask them out.  The problem that most people have is the actual approaching part.  Approach the women, make eye contact, say hi and then you have like 5 seconds to ask her out before she thinks you are indecisive or a creep.  You can approach women at public places like Malls and bars.  Below is a link to a Wikihow article on how to approach women with conversation help too.