Are you frustrated with frequent loss of connection on your Surface RT?  Here are some tips to fix that problem. fix RT connection loss break issues Try rebooting your router.  This problem is common with DSL connections than it is with Cable connections. You can try going into Device Manager and deleting the WiFi driver,(actually clicking the box to delete), restarting your surface, then doing the following:

1. On another PC, go to and download the  Surface Pro Enterprise Driver Package.
2. Transfer the entire ZIP file onto a USB drive. 3. Plug the USB into your Surface Pro. 4. Pull the zip file onto the Desktop from the USB drive. 5. Right click the zip file. 6. Click Extract All. 7. Ensure that the address listed goes to the Desktop. 8. Click Extract. 9. Delete all folders except the Marvell folder. 10. Open the Marvell folder. 11. Open the 20130311_Release_R93_Signed folder 12. Open the wlan folder. 13. Open the win8 folder. 14. Open the x64 folder. 15. Click on the View option at the top of the ribbon 16. Check the box for File Name Extensions 17. Right click on the INF file mwlu97w8x64.inf 18. Click Install. 19. You will get a message saying The operation completed successfully. 20. Click OK. 21. Swipe from the right. 22. Click Settings. 23. Click Control Panel. 24. Set the view to Icons. 25. Click Windows Update. 26. Click Check for updates.