penguin If you came across Pharmacy sites that are spamming Google web search. You can help make the web a better place for people to surf by either using the web spam report form, or by using the Chrome extension. Report spam in search results to Google. Makes reporting webspam a breeze: * Adds links to search result and web history pages to report spam quickly. * Prepopulates the spam report form where possible. * Select a spam url from your Chrome history. * Cycle through your recent Google searches to fill fields of the spam report page. * Options page to enable/disable features individually. You can use this link below to report

If you find information in Google’s search results that you believe should be removed (for example, sensitive information, illegal content, or dead links), here are our recommendations.


If the site is spam, tell us about it! Google takes spam extremely seriously, and investigates reported instances. You can file a spam report at These reports are submitted directly to our webspam team and are used to devise scalable solutions to fight spam. If you don’t yet have a Webmaster Tools account, you can send us a spam report here: