google chrome search tricks 1. Google automatically searches for the plural of a word. Input “Dog” and you will also find terms that contain “Dogs”. 2. Google assumes the word “and”. You never have to type it unless you’re looking for an exact phrase. 3. If you need to find an exact phrase, use quotes around the phrase. For example, if you’re looking for the name of a song or the artist who recorded it and you know a line of the lyrics, put the lyrics in quotes like so: “I ain’t no high class broad” which should bring up the song “Redneck Woman” by Gretchen Wilson. 4. If you need to find one thing or another thing, put parenthesis around the two things and use “OR” in capitals to separate them. For example; if you need a beautician or hairstylist in a certain area you create a search with the zip code or city name like this: Columbus Ohio (beautician OR “hair stylist”). Inside the parenthesis, nothing should be capitalized but “OR”. Notice that you can use a multiple word phrase in parenthesis but it needs to be in quotes. 5. Use an asterisk as a wildcard. Say you want to do a search for something that could come from a range of years. You can type 198* and you’ll get results that have numbers ranging from 1980, up. You can use an asterisk with words too. 6. Google indexes the “alt” text for images and image captions. This is useful if you’re looking for a picture of something that might be described in a certain way. Click on images above the Google search box and then, in the image search box, type: Rainbow Nike Shoes, or Yellow Ford Mustang or Peruvian rain forest, etc. 7. Google indexes by file type. As a recruiter, I was often searching for resumes. The most common forms resumes take were DOC and PDF. If you’re looking for other than standard search results (like a format for a cover letter, for example) try a search like; cover letter DOC or cover letter PDF. 8. Google tracks packages. If you have the tracking number, you don’t have to go to the FedEx, UPS or USPS website. Just type your tracking number into Google. It will pull up the appropriate link for you and you’ll just click for your tracking. No need to wait for the sites home page to load and hunt for how to track your package. 9. Google weeds out terms you don’t want easily – just use a minus sign directly in front of a word you don’t want it to find. This works really well when you’re looking for products in either Google or Google Shopping. Let’s say you’re looking for vintage postcards but you don’t want holiday cards. You could search on (vintage OR antique) postcards -holiday -Christmas -Easter -Halloween 10. One of my very favorites, “Define” – If you need to know the meaning of a word simply type Define and the word and Google will give you the definition(s).