chrome browser extensions

  1. Go to the Chrome beta page and click the “Get Google Chrome (BETA)” button to install the latest beta version of Chrome. Note: If you are currently using Google Chrome you will switch to the BETA version.
  2. 2

    Launch the Google Chrome beta you’ve just installed from your computer.

  3. 3

    Go to the Chrome Voice Control page in the Chrome Web Store Extensions gallery and click the “Install” button to install the extension. Note: Chrome Voice Control is an unofficial extension. There is currently no official extension for using voice commands in Google Chrome.

  4. 4

    Right click the Chrome icon, select “properties”.

  5. 5

    Add “–enable-speech-input” in the target text box. This enables speech input in Google Chrome.

  6. 6

    Click the microphone extension icon from your browser. This will automatically open a small pop-up window in the middle of your browser.

  7. 7

    Click the microphone icon in the text box. The microphone will turn blue to indicate it is listening for voice commands.

  8. 8

    Speak your voice command. A full list of commands that are currently supported is below.

  • “open new tab” or “new tab”
  • “close tab”
  • “open new window” or “new window”
  • “close window”
  • “open website in new tab”
  • “open website in new window”
  • “open settings’ or “open options” or “edit settings” or “edit options”
  • “open history”
  • “manage extensions”
  • “search blah”
  • “go to”
  • “clear browsing data”
  • “Open tab in new Window”
  • “Open incognito window”
  • “Launch/enable/disable/uninstall an app or extension”
  • “clear history”
  • “clear history by website”
  • “Store tabs” (pin tabs)