bluetooth-keyboard Root Explorer: 1. YOU MUST HAVE A PC running Windows XP or Higher 2. YOU MUST Download and install NRT_v1.6.6.sfx.exe on your PC in order to set your tablet up as a rooted/super-user enabled device 3. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS from the prompts from the NRT (Nexus Root Tool) explicitly. For example, I failed to back-up before unlocking and rooting my device. This added almost 24 hours to my set-up time. 4. AFTER you are rooted and have restored your device, download “Total Commander” from the Google Play store. It was the only file explorer I could get to play nice with the SuperUser setting and rename the file Marcus lists below. 5. RENAME the file Vendor_0a5c_Product_8502.kl to Vendor_0a5c_Product_8502.kl.bak — you may need it after some future update of Android, but prolly only if you need a joystick with your pad. 6. RESTART your pad (power it down, then wait 10 seconds, then power it up). 7. turn your bluetooth back on, and then repair your keyboard. Terminal: android-terminal For those looking to fix it: Renaming the file above requires root access. It’s probably possible using a root file explorer, but I used a root terminal(specifically, terminal emulator logged in as root). I’ll post here some instructions on how to accomplish it if you’re using a terminal: Note: first line is only needed if using a shell that doesn’t automatically log into root. For example, it’s unnecessary if using “adb shell” from a remote computer su mount -o remount,rw /system cd /system/usr/keylayout mv Vendor_0a5c_Product_8502.kl Vendor_0a5c_Product_8502.kl.bak After that, reboot and you *should* be golden(I take no responsibility if this in some way breaks your device or generally doesn’t work; this is just what worked for me).