sprint sanyo SCP3810 Having problems transferring photos and videos from the Sanyo SCP3810 to your PC?  Here are steps to learn how to do this. First thing you should do is download the drivers for this phone at the following link:   http://depositfiles.com/en/files/s6opo1isg   These are the susteen drivers that will also allow it to charge from the USB port. Alternatively, you can get them from this link:   https://sites.google.com/site/phonedriversdownload/sanyo-drivers   (only need the “SauteenSCP-3810drivers.rar” file) To unzip rar files, you will need Winrar.  Get it from http://rarlabs.com   Next get BitPim from this site   http://www.bitpim.org/#download Even though BitPim does not specifically support a Sanyo SCP-3810, you will trick it into doing one thing, transfer pictures. Remember to First, install Susteen SCP3810 modem driver (MAKE SURE you restart Windows afterward!). To install, first unzip the .rar file. Then connect phone to computer. It will not find the drivers on its own but at some point it will give you the option to locate them on your computer. When it asks you to locate the drivers, point it to the unzipped drivers folder. Do this same thing for each of the 3 drivers it tries to install.   Now shut down your computer and unplug the phone from the computer’s USB port. Alternatively, you can restart your computer and unplug the phone before windows restarts.   Then connect the phone to a USB port (ALWAYS use the same port to avoid having to reinstall Susteen drivers again), load BitPim, and use manual settings to ‘browse’ com ports to the one listed as Susteen USB… then choose SCP3200 as your phone type (I know it’s an SCP3800, just trust me).  Then get data from phone, but make sure ONLY wallpapers is checked. If you check anything else, data transfer will abort with errors. Your pictures will then be in “camera” section of BitPim, from which you can copy files to any location.