Here are some pros and cons of moving from San Francisco to Hawaii. Hawaii is beautiful


-Fantastic weather -Gorgeous nature (beaches, hiking, etc) -Low sales tax and general excise tax -Diverse culture -Laid-back, island attitude -Kind, generous people -Ideal place for government and/or military jobs -You get to tell others you live in freakin’ Hawaii!


-Higher cost of living -Job salaries do not take into account the high cost of living (thus, if you were to hold an equivalent job in the mainland, that one would pay more than the one in Hawaii) -Isolated/expensive to travel (even to neighbor islands) -Awful traffic (at least in Honolulu)/only one way to get from A to B -Expensive housing (renting is virtually the only feasible option) -Expensive utilities -Lack of parking -Old, outdated facilities (government, housing, public areas) -Island fever -Lack of good schools -Laid back, island attitude can get frustrating when things are needed on a deadline -Lack of nightlife -Difficult to make friends, keep friends, and meet new people as people come and go -Areas can be bike un-friendly/dangerous for bikers If you’re living on the North Shore, there’s practically one way to get there and it’ll take over an hour to drive there from HNL airport. If there’s an accident past Wahiawa, the police will close down the road and you’ll be trapped in traffic forever. It can also get a little “country” up there, if you’re ok with that. All this being said, I will stay here in Honolulu for now because of my job which is currently in health insurance. However, I do not seeing myself staying here long-term because the cons just outweigh the pros. It would be unsustainable for me to live here without extra help.