dollar symbol blue Are you interested in getting overdraft protection to protect you from times that you may go overdraft accidentally?  The truth is that you don’t need overdraft protection.  You can just simply tell your bank that you want to opt-out of overdraft itself.  With banks like Wells Fargo, you can actually opt-out of overdraft so it will be impossible for you to even go into overdraft in the first place. keep in mind though, that the overdraft opt-out will not protect you from ACH withdrawal overdrafts.  ACH withdrawal is when a company/organization uses your actual routing and account numbers to do a withdrawal from your Account. I think the law forced some banks to make changes to overdraft practices, because they were causing people to go into overdraft.  I recall a lady sued a bank because they were putting her shopping transactions before her deposit when she knew she made a cash deposit into her account and then went shopping.  It’s hard to believe they went to such lengths to maximize fees from customers.