Are you sick and tired of Fake rar files that ask you to complete surveys to get unlock password?  Here are ways you can detect fake survey password locked files, and avoid them in the first place. fake files download scam survey 1.  If the you found download link to the file on then chances are it is fake, avoid it.  It will most likely have u download the file and when u extract it, you will see another rar or zip that is password protected with a read me note that asks you to go to a certain website to get password to unlock it. 2. Make sure it is the expected correct file size. Fake files will often have a small file size or a larger file size than expected. If you are looking for a PDF book, expect it’s size to be around 20mb. 3. If you want to avoid downloading fake movies, then avoid getting links from pasties in as those are often fake. Also use the same rule as above, check to make sure size is expected. If it says 720p or 1080p movie, then expect it’s size to be greater than 1.2 gigabytes. If the movie is in Theaters and you see DVD release or Bluray release download, then you can bet that one is fake too.