Here is what a Teacher said about legal marijuana in Colorado.  Marijuana use is now legal in Washington and Colorado but employers still can fire people for use on the job. Colorado washington weed legal

It doesn’t effect my day to day life but it still has changed our state:

  • There are many, many dispensaries around. Almost 1 for every liquor store (which is a lot since grocery stores can’t sell real beer or wine). They are an eye sore but you get used to it.

  • Marijuana use is no big deal. Seeing people smoke or talk about smoking is completely normal. The only time its not talked about is in front of a boss. Just a couple of weeks ago I was at a hotel hot tub and someone pulled out a joint and then passed it around to all the other travelers. This is fairly normal.

  • Gangs and organized crime are decreasing. People grow openly in homes and don’t get their weed from criminals. Buying from Mexico is almost unheard of now days.

  • Many people that I know openly grow. When meeting a new person its pretty common for them to say they are a grower. Over 150,000 people grow or legally use in our state so its very common.

  • Colorado and local governments get millions in taxes and don’t spend money prosecuting marijuana violations. This means a big windfall for our government. Taxes are extremely high on weed just like alcohol and it’s good for our state!

  • As a teacher it has been a negative. Since pot is much more common in homes kids under 18 are getting their hands on it. At a school I worked at we caught 3 boys smoking on the football field. We then found out that one of the boys simply took it from his father’s “medicine.”