windows 8 Right after you shut down or restarted your computer and Windows did its update thing,  you notice that Windows 8 is not loading and is showing you Flickering loop black screen.  This happens mainly to Themers who themed their Windows 8.  The fix for this is easy, let’s just hope you had System restore turned on and restore points available. Turn on your PC and right after bios screen and before Windows 8 starts booting up.  Start pressing the F8 key.  Don’t press Shift+F8 as that will go to automated recovery which won’t help you with this as it does nothing. After you press F8, you should see Windows 8 logo with “Please wait” writing under it.  That is a good sign that you will get into the Start up repair/recovery screen. Once you are in their, just select the system restore option under “Restore My PC”.    Choose a restore point prior to you applying your Theme, reboot back to your original non-themed desktop and don’t Theme Windows again or turn off Windows update if you really like Theming stuff.