Here is an app that will allow you to zip and unzip/unrar files windows Phone 8.  Unlike Android, some tasks are harder to do in Windows Phone 8.  Luckily nice apps like these make our lives easier. unzip zip files windows phone 8  


Frequently deal with more exotic archives such as .zip .7z .gz .rar and .tar? Then Archiver is for you!  Archiver is a little program I made to help bring full productivity to your new Windows Phone 8 device, it supports all different archives in the following formats: • .zip* • .rar • .gz • .tar • .7z • .bz2  zip Download  Archiver now supports creating archives in the following formats: • .zip • .tar  *NOTE: Because of Microsoft's restrictions, .zip files can only be opened from the SD or SkyDrive. Not from the browser, email or another app :(  Try it out, it's free!  *** Updates *** 2.0 • Improved UI (Still more to come!) • Can now create Archives (in .zip & .tar formats) • NFC tap to send files! • Fixed bug when opening some tarballs (.tar.gz) • Reworked uploading system (hopefully less buggy) • lots of little things  1.3 • Improved Cloud support (no more logging in for each session)! • Vastly improved storage management • Can now sort your files by different values • .zip support! NOTE: Because of Microsoft's restrictions, you can only open .zip files from the cloud or SD :( • Animations when entering/exiting a folder. • Now asks to rename the archive if it has a too long name • Improved UI responsivity when extracting files • Bug squashing  1.2 (Unreleased, Failed Cert) • Cloud support! Archiver now supports SkyDrive with more cloud services to come • Now adds better support for 'kids corner' can limit accessible files to select few, or give full access • Can now copy archives from SD (no write to SD, unsupported in SDK :( ) • Pin to Start!!! • Fixed SD issues!!! • Fixed bug with the 'delete all' button • Fixed bug with the 'transfer' button • Displays friendly messages when errors occur in decompressing (I'm looking into why .7zip files fail most commonly) • Lots of general bug & performance fixes

For Windows 8 or RT Use  8-Zip

download windows 8 rt unzip