Here are the best Caching plugins that I myself am using on and which do not at all conflict with any of the running scripts I have on  The main front page of acts as a tech news Aggregater, so it has scripts pulling in latest up to date headlines from all major tech news sources.  I am happy these WordPress cache plugins don’t conflict with anything and are very easy to setup.

1. Hyper Cache

This is the only one I have used so far which doesn’t conflict or cause script errors.  I pretty much just stuck with default settings and set it to expire every 2 hours.   Good thing about it is that when a new post is made, it will invalidate all cache, or you can set it to invalidate only specific type of cache.   My website loads about 10 times faster with this caching plugin.  

2.  DB Cache Reloaded Fix

Caching the database is a wise idea, as it will speed up your website by caching known queries to better serve your visitors.