Have you notice Windows 8 randomly shutting off by it’s own?  It is most likely due to low battery, but it doesn’t even warn you.  It just goes into hibernation without a heads up warning. This is due to one of the annoying features of Windows 8 that was purposely put in there to give you the feeling that you are a mobile person that goes everywhere with their laptop.  Microsoft is getting desperate to compete with Apple, so they are imitating a lot of iOS 7 features such as Airplane mode etc. The funny thing is the battery still has like 18% life in it which is can last you longer, so why force a person to go into hibernation?  Microsoft is clearly doing some retarded things with the only product of theirs that’s good. A quick fix to this may be to go into battery/power options and see if you can disable computer hibernation. I’ll update this article if there is a script or any app that can fix this annoyance.