Are you tired of that annoying hot corner switcher that is in the top left corner area when you move your mouse over?  Well here is a fix for you.  It’s in the form of a .bat file.  Chrome may warn you that the file is not commonly downloaded but rest assured it is saf. I think Windows 8 is stable, smooth, fast and comes preloaded with all drivers for nearly all devices imaginable.  I however, think one of Windows 8 most annoying features is the top left corner task switcher, whoever at Microsoft’s Windows team that thought about putting this kind of annoyance in windows 8 should really be fired.  It would make more sense if that annoying task switcher was in the bottom right corner where people don’t frequently move their mouse around on. windows 8 annoying frustration irritating bad features top left corner Nearly everyone who browses the internet uses multiple tabs (especially Chrome users).  When people try and switch tabs by clicking the far most top left tab, they frequently accidentally click on that annoying top left corner task switcher which appears out of nowhere automatically.  You should read my other post about the Cons and Pros of Microsoft’s annoying features, so you can get a good idea of just how annoying some Windows 8 features are.  Below this article you will find links to my other related articles. You can download and run this bat file to disable the annoying top left corner task switcher.  The worst part of this annoying task switcher is after a user accidentally clicks on it, they are taken to another screen in which they have to press the Windows key just to get out quickly. I wonder who at Microsoft is responsible for Quality Control, and why didn’t they fully and thoroughly test Windows 8  for things that may annoy users, before releasing it to the public.

Disable Switcher Top Left Hot Corner in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

A) Click on the Download button below to download the zip file which contains .bat file below, and run it.  Make sure to run it as Administrator if you can’t get it to work or start up.   **Update I just tested it now and it ran without needing to select “Run as Administrator” and I am so relieved to see that moving mouse pointer over top left area doesn’t show that annoyance ever again.

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