Here are O2 APN and MMS settings for Windows Phone 8. windows phone 8 pin stuff Starting from your homescreen:

  • Go to the main menu/applications list.
  • Press Settings.
  • Select Wireless and networks or More settings
  • Press Mobile networks.
  • Check Use PacketData/Mobile Data to ensure this is ticked
  • Tap Access Point Names

Adding the settings to the handset Next you must create a new data connection.  To do this, press the Menu key and select New APN. You are now presented with a range of fields in which you can fill in the details for your mobile network data connection. Fill out the fields in the list with the data below: Name – o2 mobile web APN – (PAYG – Proxy, Port   Please leave blank Username – o2web (PAYG – payandgo) Password – password Server – Please leave blank MMSC – MMS Proxy – MMS Port – 8080 MCC – 234 MNC – 10 Authentication type – PAP APN type – Internet + MMS (If no selection available , leave blank )