If you are experiencing issues with your PSP Vita (frozen, overheating etc) , then doing a hard factory reset maybe the way to go for you. To Access the Recovery Menu:1. turn off your PS Vita System 2. Hold the ‘PS Button’ , the ‘Power Button’ , and the ‘R’ Button at the same time until you see the recovery menu. 3. Choose the ‘Restart the PS Vita System’  option.

Recovery Menu Options

1. Restart System Boots the body normally without altering any configurations or files. 2. Rebuild Database Rewrite corrupted files inside the database, potentially getting rid of future issues. This selection shouldn’t erase all of your saved data or configurations. 3. Format the memory Format or erase data within the memory. 4. Restore PS Vita System Restore the machine to factory configurations, data, firmware and internal expensive. 5. System Update Permit the user to update the most recent firmware from The new sony.