You might be wondering what Chilling Effects is since almost everyone sees it in search results. It’s basically a lesson in Copyright.  It is designed to publish DMCA take down notices that Google receives.  When Google receives and processes a DMCA copyright claim, that result is removed from the search results. In the place that the result would have been, people will see a Chilling Effects link to the take down notice itself. People and companies often file DMCA claims for stolen online content like Articles that are published without permission, illegal torrent movies etc. Even copyrighted photos that are published online without permission from owner, can also be filed as DMCA complaints. chilling effects what is it. Fundamentally, what Chilling Effects does is maintain a database of DMCA notices and legal threats that are forwarded to it. Though the database deals with a variety of areas including defamation, patent and trademark law, it primarily deals with copyright notices and, even then, primarily deals with takedown notices sent to Google. This is because Chilling Effects relies on hosts (or others involved in the process) to send them the notices. They have an arrangement with Google where nearly all notices sent to them are forwarded, including those sent to Blogger. As the largest search engine and by far the largest Chilling Effects partner (though Digg and others do participate), most of the notices in the database relate to Google one way or another. Before publishing a notice, Chilling Effects removes sensitive information such as addresses and phone numbers to ensure privacy. It also categories the notice, links critical elements in it and affixes any relevant FAQs. The goal is to remove personal information but also make the notice easier to understand for those not accustomed to the legalese that often comes with them. The result is a page like this one, with both the notice and the relevant information about the law, easily searchable and linkable. Thanks to Jonathan Bailey for a small portion of this article.