disable annoying auto brightness This auto brightness dimming and lighting of my AMD processor Acer Aspire One is far worse in Windows 7 than Windows 8.  It’s very annoying,  I clearly turned display brightness all the way down, and for some stupid reason it keeps increasing in brightness when I start actively doing something (like browsing websites). It’s not like I am using a smart-phone that has sensors which detect sunlight and adjust the brightness accordingly.  I am in my room which is dark, and a bright screen will hurt my eyes in the darkness.  So what on earth is the idea of a screen that is constantly adjusting brightness on it’s own, and wasting my battery too?

Here are steps to get rid of automatic screen brightness for Windows 7.

Change power option settings to what I have in screenshot, then you will be able to control brightness.  No more Windows 7 baby sitting you by controlling brightness for you. In the bottom right corner is your battery or power charger icon,, click it and click on “More Power Options” Here, you should click “Choose when to turn off the display” on the left of the windows and then set “Dim the display” option to ‘Never’. win7 auto brightness Or Right-click Computer and choose Manage In the window that opens choose Services and Applications/Services In the new window double-click on the Service name ‘Adaptive Brightness’ and disable it and Stop the service OK your way out and see if that makes a difference. stop auto brightness windows 7 windows 8    

For Windows 8, Follow Article To Link Below!