Most people think that netbooks can’t do 1080p let alone 720p, but that assumption is wrong.  The only reason you would want to do 1080p on your netbook is to hook it up to your TV via HDMI, as your netbook has too small of a screen to take full advantage of 1080p. I managed to play 1080p just fine without overheating CPU or anything.  All I did was use Media Player Classic HC MPC-HC.  This media player uses your graphic card to decode the 1080p video source, and not your netbook CPU.  If you try playing 1080p videos on your netbook CPU, you will notice lags and audio video that are not in sync. My netbook is the Acer Aspire One with C-50 AMD processor.  I managed to play lot’s of 1080p movies on my Aspire One netbook, seeing the movie on my 50 inch Samsung TV was even better. Here is a link to download Media Player HC Most modern computers are 64-bit so download that version. Note

  • Supported Operating Systems:

Windows® XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8 both 32-bit and 64-bit

  • System Requirements:

An SSE capable CPU

aspire c70