In Minecraft, gold is useful for making tools and armor. minecraft mine for gold find diamonds how-to  Make sure to Dig Deep – Most of the diamonds, gold, and other treasures are deep within the ground. Go underground. Gold ore is a mineral block found at levels 2-29. It is found beside stone blocks, and is mostly found in veins of 4-8 blocks. Sometimes it can be found in up to 16 blocks if two veins have spawned together. Look For Lava Pools and Caves – The real jackpot for diamonds and gold in Minecraft are deep lava pools that are almost always associated with caves. Most of the diamonds and gold can be found on the edge of the lava pools and surrounding caves.

  • Killing zombie pigmen can be another way of finding gold nuggets.
  • Gold ore cannot be mined using a gold pickaxe.
  • Gold ore is stackable.

Mine the gold ore. To mine it, left click while holding the iron or diamond pickaxe. To shift to gold ore to your inventory, walk over it. Done! And always remember to Never Give up!  Don’t give your hopes up!