It’s not just Apple users that have a fun and easy time scrolling with 2 finger Touchpad scrolling down websites, you can also do the same too.  It’s all just software. You can configure your Touchpad so that you can scroll down websites by just sliding 2 fingers up and down your Touchpad. 2fingerscroll two finger scroll touchpad windows 8


Below is a file that you can download the file that will enable this feature. It’s called Two Finger Scroll Version 1.0.9 by MacHater, you will need Winrar installed to download it. TwoFingerScroll_1_0_9-MacHater-Mod or if that doesn’t work for you then just install the generic Windows 8 Synaptics touchpad drivers and inside the Synaptics control panel, you can enable 2 finger scrolling.  Below is link for the 64-bit version of these drivers.  Most modern computers are 64-bit, so these should work for you.