Fake torrents on the Piratebay are very annoying to deal with.  So how can you know if a Torrent is fake?  follow below tips. detect and avoid fake torrents

  • If there is a lot of white space under the torrent info, it’s a red flag.  A long vertical white space hints to someone trying to stop you from seeing comments because other users may comment that the torrent is indeed Fake.
  • Click on the username of the original torrent poster OP.  See if he/she has other torrents, and if comments say “Fake” in other torrents he uploaded, then chances are the torrent your viewing is also fake.
  • Another way to know is by the title, if the title sounds too good to be true then it probably is.  For example, if a movie currently in Theatres also shows up as a torrent marked DVD rip. Then there is a good chance that’s a fake one.
  • Movie torrents with .wmv extensions should be avoided as that format can allow popups to websites.   You can trust .MKV .AVI and .MP4 which are the most common.
  • When you are dealing with apps, make sure the app torrent your downloading is the size that it is expected to be.  Nearly all apps are over 2 megabytes in size.  Viruses and trojans are often small sizes.  Your Anti-virus will often do a good job catching these viruses or trojans, but keep in mind that AV’s can also cause a false positive.  AV’s may think an app is bad when that app may just be a crack or patch which is harmless.

All the Scammers love to make money by uploading Torrents to get users infected or to get them to participate in fake surveys.

Torrent Guard Let’s You Upload A Torrent File To See If It’s Fake


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 If you rather check a file before downloading it, don’t worry we provide you the chance to do it! It’s quite easy you just need to copy hash informacion of the torrent and paste in this box.

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 Taking into account the latest develop in torrent environment, you can also check a magnet link. It’s as easy as before: copy, paste and submit!

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 identify fake .torrent.  check .torrent, hash information or magnet links.  know more information about its publisher.