T-mobile is annoying it’s users with unwanted calls by giving customer numbers to telemarketers. t-mobile crooks I recently switched to a different carrier, because it’s obvious T-Mobile is selling it’s customers phone numbers to marketers/solicitors. I was receiving text and calls the moment I got my new Galaxy S4. I didn’t know where these callers were finding my number. My friend is with T-Mobile and he is also going through the same deal. Unless you call T-Mobile to tell them you want to opt-out, they will by default opt you in to spam calls. T-Mobile is one of the biggest carriers in the USA and this kind of treatment of its customers is unacceptable. It will start seeing customers leaving, if it doesn’t change it’s bad ways. Luckily, there are ways to block these annoying callers. I flashed a custom rom on my Galaxy S4 that gave me potion to block callers. Bunch of crooks they are. thief mobile, t-mobile crooked