I just had to uninstall a wordpress plugin called “broken images” ,which is designed to detect broken images, and give webmasters options on what to do next. WordPress webmasters should be careful of plugins they install because they often hide other scripts without telling you, some of these plugins could be made by people who want to track visitors of your websites. Broken Images was one such plugin, that was calling a few external scripts.  I used a nice tool called Pingdom tools which shows you everything your website is loading so you can eliminate bottlenecks. That bad plugin I uninstalled was doing something very wrong, it was calling a script from a website that tracks users surfing habits and sees what they like or dislike. I emailed that website and told them that the stupid script they hid in that plugin I installed, was violating the privacy policy of TechLiveWire.com, as we only use Google Analytics to see how many visitors we get.  Whatever scripts are tracking users, I have to let them know in the Privacy police. Some of these bad plugins also cause high cpu usage issues with your host, and lots of webmasters have been dropped by their hosts due to high CPU usage issues.

Get to know your WordPress plugin, or your WordPress plugin will get to know YOU, just like the Broken Images plugin that got to know my users.


bad wordpress plugins