Did you receive a text from your friend, but your friend never sent it?  The culprit that sent the text message is either Tango or your friends android phone is infected with some sort of Airpush or other malware.  Instruct your friend to download AirPush Detector from Google play store.  This will allow your friend to scan and remove push notification malware.  Also tell your friend to consider uninstalling Tango app which is known to text the friends list of Tango users phone contacts without permission.  If a person absolutely cannot stay without Tango, then consider going into settings to disable any unauthorized advertisement texts going out to contacts on phone. Update** It is Tango that sent me a spam text message from my friends phone and I informed her about it.  If a messaging app like Tango is sending spam text messages to my friends, not only will I remove it from my phone fast but I am also sending an email to the maker of the app telling them why I have decided to uninstall it.  Perhaps if enough people uninstall the app and email Tango of the reason they uninstalled it, then Tango may listen and stop this nonsense.  Is this Tango’s way of trying to become a popular messaging app?  Look at Snapchat, Kik and Viber. They are all very popular and they never spammed peoples contact lists to get to the popularity that they are now at Every time my friend takes a picture tango texts all of her friends. Did she ask Tango to let her friends know when she takes a pic? No. Did her friends opt-in to receiving notifications of her photo taking matters? No. Tango must be desparate to become a dominant social network and is resorting to these extremes just to get popular and get others to download Tango. tango sending unauthorized text messages