itunes convert songs ringtone Here is a tutorial on How to convert iTunes songs (music) into ringtone for iPhone There are two different ways to convert music to ringtone. Tools needed: iTunes and surely a music file! OS: Mac OSX, XP and Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 8. 1. Music that contains DRM and is bought through iTunes: -Right click on the music in iTunes and select “Convert to Ringtone”. 2. Music not bought through iTunes: Note: XP and Vista users click on “Properties” instead of “Get info” -Right click on the music in iTunes and select “Get info” -Go to “Options” tab -Select “start time” and “stop time” -Input a value for both intervals (Interval should not excede 40 secs) -Click ok and close “Get info” window -Now right click on that music again and select “Convert to AAC” -Now you should find same music name file in itunes but with different length. -Drag that file on to your desktop -Delete the new AAC file from iTunes -On your desktop, rename the extension from “.m4a” to “.m4r” of the file that was just dragged -Drag the file back into iTunes library. To change a file from an m4a to a m4r you have to make sure that it shows m4a in the file name if it does not then do this. Control panel > Appearance and themes > folder options > view > uncheck hide extensions for known then click ok rename file from: FILENAME.m4a to FILENAME.m4r double click file and it should pop up in the ringtones section. sync your iphone and it should work. Kevin Haworth For those who are getting it to show up in iTunes under your ringtones folder of your library and your iPhone ringtones tab in iTunes, but NOT showing up on your iPhone try the following. 1) Go to your ringtones tab in iTunes with your phone plugged in. Select to NOT sync any of your ringtones. 2) Sync your phone (this will remove any current ringtones that might be messing up the process) 3) Next go into your iTunes library and make sure that any .m4a versions of the song are deleted. IMPORTANT: If your original version of the song was an .m4a, create an mp3 version (follow similar steps as in the OP, but convert to mp3 instead). Make sure that when you create the mp3, you create it for the WHOLE song before deleting or else you will lose your song! 4) Once you have deleted all of the .m4a versions, go back to the ringtones tab and select to sync all of your ringtones (or selected ringtones with the appropriate boxes check, however you normally have it set). 5) You should now see the ringtone appear in on your phone. The issue seems to be that the phone would get confused if there were both .m4r and .m4a versions of a song that you were trying to put on your phone. So my solution is to delete any .m4a versions. Love it!! Thanks a bunch for this. I followed all the steps and it worked a treat. To convert the .m4a version to the .m4r version you have to: 1) Change your folder options by going to “My Computer” 2) Click on “View” and then uncheck the “Hide extension for known file types”… apply and ok it 3) Then right click the .m4a version on your desktop, go to “Properties”. You should now be able to edit the file. 4) Click Save, you’ll notice that the Itunes symbol has now change to ringtone 5) Open up the file from your desktop and DONE! Now just click and drag it to your Iphone… it comes up in your “Sound Settings” as a “Custom” Ringtone instead of a “Purchased” one.