Here are pros and cons of learning the Arabic language. Pros and Cons of learning Arabic

The cons:

– The cons of learning anything new are that you have to spend your time. In case of Arabic you need to spend much more time. It is not easy – If you start speaking Standard Arabic all Arabs can understand what you are saying and vice versa. However, you will not understand variant slangs at first unless you get used to them. – The Grammatical rules are very huge, and you have to memorize and practice them. For example, you will have 12 different forms for the past verb: I did We did You (single male) did You (single female) did You (dual) did You (plural) did You (plural females) did He did She did They (dual) did They (plural) did They (plural females) did


– Arabic is old and well structured. – Arabic literature is very beautiful, and Arabic poems are literally magic. – Arabic is rich. Every word has a root usually three letters. You can get from one root many words, as any Semitic Language – Reading Arabic is easy once you learn how to read. Pronunciation and writing are usually matching each other.