The backspace taking you back to previous pages, when you don’t want it to, has got to be the greatest annoyance ever! FrustratedWoman With these Chrome extensions, you can stop that annoying backspace from taking you back a page or more, when you are in the middle of typing something.  I wrote like 200+ articles for and luckily Techlivewire is built with wordpress , so it saves what I write automatically as a draft if that backspace key takes me back by accident. What I simply cannot understand is why extensions are even needed to deal with annoyances like this.  Chrome is a superior, fast and easy to use browser.  This backspace problem is unacceptable and the Google Chrome team should have already dealt with this problem for convenience sake.  When someone is erasing something using the backspace key, why would Chrome send them back pages they browsed before?  If they wanted to go back a few pages, they can simply use their mouse or touch pad to click the back button correct? Here are the extensions that will eliminated that awful backspace button taking you back by accident like it has done with me countless times.  The worst part of being taken back accidentally, is when you are in the middle of filling out forms such as job applications which are session based, and cannot be resumed once you leave that page.  Imagine starting an entire online application all over again just because an annoying back button sent you back against your will.  


Stop Backspace returning to previous page. BackStop aims to put an end to the problem of pressing backspace and being taken back a page in your browsing history. For BackStop to work, simply install the extension and reload all current tabs. Version 2.0.1 – BackStop should now work in Gmail – BackStop has been completely rewritten and should now work on Google Docs and Google Plus

Backspace Means Backspace


A sensible extension for Google Chrome.
Prevents the Backspace key from triggering the browser Back action.

Change Log:

Renamed from ChromeWithoutBackspace to BackspaceMeansBackspace.