Want to know what’s eating up the battery life of your smart-phone or tablet? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.emprize.netchart netchart Netchart allows you to know exactly what is eating your network data.  It will help Keep you from finishing up your data allowance before your month is up.  If you have unlimited data, there is no need to worry. NetChart is a data usage monitor which can monitor data usage for independent apps to monitor mobile data, and wifi data. NetChart also provide the download/upload usage for each app, so you can easily know where’s your data going in that app, like uploading or downloading. find out what apps are eating up your internet plan   3 Features: – Monitor mobile data and wifi data – Monitor data for each app which using your network – Monitor download and upload usage – Gererate a pie chart to show you the top 5 most eating app – Open the app directly when you click on the app – Timestamp to remind you when did you start the monitor – Ability to reset the timestamp – More Feature Coming!