Mall of America weird things happening You may or may not know that some weirdos come to the Mall of America and the security there are also aware. A man threw 1,000 in bills down to the shopping crowd below.  Security wasn’t happy about this and gave hiom a citation for disorderly conduct.  I come to the Mall frequently and I wish I was there when that happened.  I guess that man was in a giving mood. I’ve watched the Mall Cops tv show and it shows fights and weird stuff happening at the MOA.  The funniest and weird thing I watched on that show was the man who shit in his own pants and it sucked for security to deal with that. Another weird that happened which wasn’t shown on that show but I found through a store owner is a man and woman having sex and in the walkway in front of one store.  They both got arrested and banned for like 10 years from the mall I heard.  I guess some people have weird fetishes. People also have sex in the restrooms often. Way more than this happens at that Mall but this is all that I am aware of so far.