The temptation to eat at night is not an easy one.  People often like to eat when they are bored and not just when they are hungry.  Here are some tips to avoiding eating at night.  Some people even wake up late night just to eat. how to avoid eating at night

  • You can brush your teeth so you discourage yourself from eating again thus and having to go through brushing again.
  • Some people say one of the best ways to beat a craving is to drink 8-12 oz of water, and take a walk for 10 minutes.
  • Chewing one of those mints that make your taste buds not work well temporarily will also help as you won’t be able to taste food well.  Every time I chew those mints I swear everything I try to drink or eat has no taste at all.
  •  Eat Sensibly in the Daytime
  • Turn off your TV
  • Enjoy the feeling of being hungry