#include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. */ This is an unofficial build of CM10.2 which I made for myself, and I’m sharing with you since I didn’t see any thread like that PM me for every question, or reply this thread, I’m here almost 12/6 What works Everything What doesn’t work You tell me Root could not work. If it doesn’t: In developer options change superuser access to “Apps and ADB” or Flash SuperSU Downloads Rom: Mega or Google Code Gapps: Goo.im or Mega (Only the core) Changelog 11/08 Frameworks/base: platform: Remove mapping of android.permission.CAMERA to camera group (Merged) Android/bionic: libc: Add Scorpion-optimized memcpy and memset (Merged) Android/build: build: Cleanup CPU-specific optimizations (Merged) LockClock: Fix lookahead event display (Merged) LockClock: ES translations (Merged) Superuser: Superuser: fixed FI translations (Merged) Browser: FI translations (Merged) Voice+: FI translations (Merged) ThemeChooser: FI translations (Merged) ThemeManager: FI translations (Merged) CMUpdater: FI translations (Merged) DeskClock: FI translations (Merged) Settings: Clean up lockscreen target configuration code (2/2) (Merged) Frameworks/base: Clean up lockscreen target configuration code (1/2) (Merged) Frameworks/base: Fix mismerge of implement 1% battery on select devices (Merged) Bionic: Add AOSP master cortex optimizations (Merged) Frameworks/base: Reimplement AOSP’s home-key behavior configuration (Merged) Frameworks/av: audio: Add A2DP notification support (Merged) Frameworks/av: libstagefright: Fix to free buffers in error scenarios (Merged) Frameworks/av: libstagefright: Add 2 APIs (suspend and resume) in Mediaplayer (Merged) Frameworks/av: libstagefright: HTTP Streaming fixes (Merged) Frameworks/av: libstagefright: Fix AV sync issues (Merged) Frameworks/av: libstagefright – Fix timestamp overflow (Merged) Frameworks/av: libstagefright: Add fix for mpeg4 data partition clips (Merged) Frameworks/av: libstagefright: Fallback to software encoder for high resolutions (Merged) Frameworks/av: libstagefright: dynamic port reconfig handling (Merged) Frameworks/av: libstagefright: Checks before freeing buffers on a port (Merged) CMFM: EL translations (Merged) VoicePlus: German translation (Merged) LockClock: DE translations (Merged) Frameworks/base: Core: Update German translation (Merged) Settings: Avoid NPE if icon assignment failed for whatever reason. (Merged) Frameworks/base: Fix fetching icons from packages. (Merged) Settings: Clean up lockscreen target configuration code (2/2) (Merged) 10/08 Display options: allow configuration of wake on plug behavior (2/2) (Merged) Settings: Fix adding apps to lockscreen targets without explicit icon selection. (Merged) Settings: Display options: allow configuration of wake on plug behavior (1/2) (Merged) Settings: Make sure to not crash if DSP manager and/or development apps are deactivated or deleted. Settings: Clean up lockscreen target configuration code (2/2) (Merged) Frameworks/base: Clean up lockscreen target configuration code (1/2) (Merged) Trebuchet : Live folder fixes (Merged) envsetup: Fix installrecovery for new fstab format (Merged) 09/08 Frameworks/native: Squashed commit of installd changes (Merged) Dalvik: Revert “Disable /cache/dalvik-cache (temporarily?)” (Merged) Frameworks/native: Remove obsolete installd (Merged) Frameworks/native: core: fix cpu variant board flag (Merged) VoicePlus: Fix some issues with eating notifications and starting when not in use. (Merged) Support : Add cm support library (Merged) BroadcastReceiver : Get sender of broadcasts (Merged) Trebuchet: Initial base for live folders (Merged) LockClock: Remove calendar icon (Merged) LockClock: added “Today” timeframe to calendar event lookahead (Merged) Frameworks/av: libstagefright: Add legacy LPAPlayer (Merged) Vendor: Build and bundle the hardware framework (Merged) Add hardware framework repo (Merged) Settings: First pass at generic hardware tunables support (Merged) ueventd: restorecon sysfs files (Merged) Installation

  1. Do a Nandroid Backup
  2. Do a full wipe (data, cache + dalvik) only if you come from another rom (Worked for me from CM10.1 without wipes)
  3. Install the ROM through CWM Recovery
  4. Install Gapps
  5. Wipe dalvik cache

Sources https://github.com/CyanogenMod Gapps Credits All the credits goes to CyanogenMod devs Fattire (Learn how to build your own) BaNkS for the Gapps