TV Show Favs * Watching shows is NOT supported * * Account is required to save your data online and sync between devices * * Current premium key users should still be able to use premium key without re-purchasing. If it isn’t working right away, try logging out and logging back in. * TV Show Favs is your personal TV tracker! TV Show Favs allows you to keep track of more than 25,000 TV shows. Can’t remember which episode you watched last or when the next episode of one of your favorite TV shows airs? Let TV Show Favs help you out! TV Show Favs allows you to maintain a list of your favorite TV shows, as well as tag any TV show or episode with whatever tag you come up with! Create robust lists to help separate the shows you watch and make it easier to track them. Check out your schedule to see which shows have upcoming episodes, or see which shows had recent episodes you might have missed. Mark which episodes you have watched so you can keep track of the episodes you haven’t. Use the to do list to see what your progress is for each show, and to easily see which episodes you need to watch. Check out the top favs among all users of TV Show Favs and even filter by date range, show status, classification and genre! Use the customizable home screen widget to see your next episode for your shows or upcoming or recent episodes at a glance, and even jump to the episode, show, or mark the episode as watched right from the widget! In app purchases are available to make your TV show tracking experience even more awesome! Receive notifications for upcoming episodes or recent episodes, remove ads, add social integration to post watched episodes to your Facebook or Twitter, Check-in to your shows in GetGlue, sync with, and unlock two bonus holographic themes! * Maintain a list of your favorite TV shows or tag shows and episodes to keep track of them * Personalized schedule to help you find out when new episodes of your shows are airing * Personalized to do list to keep track of your current progress for each show * Offline access * View the top favs among all other TV Show Favs users * Online storage for cross-device synchronization and piece of mind * Customizable home screen widget * DashClock extension to view upcoming or recent episodes, or the next unwatched episode for a show of your choosing * Notifications for upcoming/recent episodes (In-app purchase) * Social integration with Facebook, Twitter and GetGlue (In-app purchase) * integration (In-app purchase) * 2 bonus holographic themes (In-app purchase)   Chrome Browse fast with the Chrome web browser on your Android phone and tablet. Sign in to sync your Chrome browser experience from your computer to bring it with you anywhere you go. Search fast • Search and navigate fast, directly from the same box. Choose from results that appear as you type. • Browse faster with accelerated page loading, scrolling and zooming. Simple, intuitive experience • Open and quickly switch between an unlimited number of browser tabs. On your phone, flip through tabs the way you would fan a deck of cards. On your tablet, swipe from edge to edge to switch tabs. Sign in • Sign in to the Chrome web browser to sync your open tabs, bookmarks, and omnibox data from your computer to your phone or tablet. Pick up right where you left off. • Send pages from Chrome on your computer to Chrome on your phone or tablet with one click and read them on the go, even when you’re offline. Privacy • Browse privately in Incognito mode.   HangOuts Hangouts brings one-on-one and group conversations to life with photos, emoji, and video calls for free. Connect with friends across computers, Android and Apple devices. Brought to you by Google. ● Say more with photos and emoji. ● See when people are together in Hangouts, when they’re typing, or whether they’ve seen your message. ● Turn any conversation into a video call with up to 10 friends. ● Message friends anytime, even if they’re not connected right now. ● Use Hangouts on computers, Android and Apple devices. More Hangouts awesomeness: ● Hangouts stay in sync across devices so you can start or continue them anywhere. ● Choose from hundreds of emoji to help you make your point ● See what you talked about in the past, including shared photos and your video call history. ● Get notifications just once. Once you see an alert, you won’t see repeats on your computer or other Android devices. ● View collections of photos shared from each of your Hangouts. ● Snooze notifications at times when you’d prefer to be undisturbed by alerts. Notes: ● Unlike Google Talk, Hangouts does not support “invisible” status.   Air Droid Your Android, on the Web AirDroid is a free and fast app that helps you manage your Android from a desk web browser, all over the air. AirDroid philosophy: ※ One less cable. Move things on and off your Android device without a USB cable. Even when the device is not nearby. ※ One less screen. Send and receive SMS from your big-screen computer, without being distracted by the small-screen thing. ※ One less worry. Locate and lock your Android when it’s lost. Cannot get it back? Simply wipe all data remotely. Media coverage: ※ “This app allows you to take complete control of your Android device via your computer’s Web browser.” – PCWorld ※ “I’m sending text SMS messages from my Android phone via my browser. I can’t stress how great that is.” – Gizmodo ※ “It’s a remarkably comprehensive app, operates securely, and is a free download.” – Lifehacker ※ “It’s all the little things, the things that make AirDroid a joy to use, which make it the app of the year.” – Android Police Key features: ※ Desktop SMS Send & receive SMS from the comfort of your computer. Faster typing and navigation with the full keyboard and large screen. ※ Files and Media Move photos, videos, ringtones and any other files on and off Android, all without a USB cable. ※ Find Phone Locate and lock your Android when it’s lost. Cannot get it back? Simply wipe all data remotely. ※ Manage Apps Easier way of app search, installation and apk export. ※ Camera and Screenshot See through the lens of your Android camera, front and back. Or stream the screen of your Android in nearly real-time. ※ Phone Calls, Clipboard , Url transfer and more Call contact, share clipboard content, push url to Android and more features awaiting your discovery.   App gratis Description

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