moving from London to Stockholm Sweden Pros – Very high standard of living and cleanliness – Great mix of nature and city – you never feel like you’re in a polluted city and its quick and easy to get out for walks or other outdoor activities – Fantastic summers and beautiful trips possible in the Archipelago, in the summer it must be a fantastic place for kids – Generally high quality of shops, food and drink and lifestyle – Easy to get home to visit family and friends, or for them to come to you – Healthy lifestyle and very child friendly

  • Universal health care. It might not be the best in the world any more and ever.
  • Summertime in Sweden is lovely. Hardly ever over 90°F (32°C) and lots of golf courses.
  • Free education. All education, including university studies, is government subsidized and costs you nothing.

Cons – Harsh, long and dark winter can be tough – Can take a long time to meet people and make friends – Can be difficult to find a place to rent (although have no experience of this as a family, but for the individual it is difficult…) – High cost of living (hopefully offset by the opportunity you have) – Again, the winter….that’s the big toughie…but if you’re happy to wrap up warm and get out there there is plenty to do and see

  • Wintertime there is pretty miserable.
  • There is however a lot of cheating and scamming going on because being  home from work doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t get paid.
  • Immigration is a problem.
  • Taxes.

I would heartily recommend it, particularly if you want a more healthy, less stressful and more outdoorsy lifestyle compared with London.