Here are the new Xbox One Software, services, features and what has changed. xbox one new services software features Microsoft is aiming to make the new Xbox One an entertainment masterpiece. They are aiming at not only the gaming entertainment, but also towards different facets of entertainment. An attempt at achieving this aim is the inclusion of different other capabilities that the new Xbox One comes with. To start off, let us just say that it not only the user interface of the new console that holds similarities to a Windows computer.


Firstly, Xbox one supports Skype. It’s Kinect has a 1080p camera and on-at-all-times microphone to go with it. This perfectly endows the next generation console to be able to run Skype with the same or better experience than the one that is available on any computer. Now if you are playing a game and at the same time, wish to talk to a few friends, this Skype compatibility, alongside the multi-tasking feature, make it all possible.

Internet Explorer

Secondly, it also allows for Internet Explorer to be run. This would mean that the Xbox One would seem exactly like a computer, which allows browsing to be done. This takes Xbox One from being a gaming console to being an entertainment-packed console, which does not limit the users’ ability to express and explore. So your beloved gaming console ‘instantly switch’ to something else by just saying the words ‘go to Internet Explorer.’ This could come in handy in situations where you might have some questions about a game that you wish to Google. Opening the PC just for one purpose seems inconvenient and that is where this feature comes along to help. Thirdly, one of the specialties that the Xbox One come with is the use of external screen. This is also featured in its main rival, PS4. The concept is to attach the console with an external screen, which could be smartphones, or tablets. This would turn the Xbox One into a portable device and comes in convenient in several situations. Racing games would also be more interesting as a result of tilt-movement feature that smartphones and tablets come with. This might not be the most attractive feature of the console and certainly not the one which makes people consider it ahead of PS4, but the creativity used in making this possible is laudable.

Xbox Live

Lastly, we have the Xbox Live. This came in 2002 and thus, is nothing new. It has been around for a long time and now that there is a revised and refreshed version of it available on the new Xbox One, a source of relief for the Xbox 360 owners is that the achievements and Gold subscription would be carried forward. However, the topic that is worth the discussion is the expansion in the features that it serves. The first and foremost enhancement comes in the form of increased no. of serves. Microsoft claims that the serves are increased to up to 300,000 servers. Secondly, a “Game DVR” option will provide us with the ability to record, edit, and share gameplay videos. Players will now be able to play downloadable games after installing just one part of them. Another new feature that this console brings along is known as ‘Smart Match.’ What this does is that it tells us the estimated time after which we can join a multiplayer game. Knowing this time period, we would be able to make the decision of whether to wait or not. In case we decide on waiting, this feature can be complemented by the multitasking feature, through which we can watch TV, browse the internet, use Skype, or keep our selves busy using other features.

Windows 8 Style

Similar to Windows 8, Microsoft exhibited how to use “Snap Mode” to multitask on the Xbox One. For instance, it allows users to watch a movie with the Internet Explorer open at the same time, or watch TV alongside playing a game. These are basic multi-tasking features that its predecessor did not come with. Furthermore, Kinect voice and gesture controls allow smooth and instant switching between tasks, making it look flawlessly elegant. To accommodate such action Microsoft puts in three operating systems in their new power-packed console: the Xbox OS, the Windows kernel, and another which accommodates multi-tasking and switching.