Here is a list of the top high quality custom roms which I have selected after careful review. *****We are not responsible for what you flash on your phone, your warranty will be voided***** We give all credits and full thanks to all the Dev’s that bring us these roms.

1. Clean Rom

CleanROM is based on the original Samsung stock firmware but removes all the built-in apps that bloat the device. What’s left is a super stable ROM with all the Samsung features but little of the hassle or lag. Some of the comical looking UI is still present throughout the device, and so is the stock TouchWiz launcher, but as a whole this ROM is much more usable than stock ROM. Scott updates the ROM as much as possible, and it is very stable and fast. Download CleanRom for Verizon Galaxy S4

2. Slim Bean

I like Slim Bean roms because they by default come with lowered pixel density, meaning you get to see more stuff fit your screen and things look more crisp. Original Slim Features:

  1. The Real Dark Slim
  2. Notification drawer Shortcuts
  3. Full hardware key rebinding!
  4. Keyboard rotation
  5. SlimCenter, Slim Bean verizon Lowered pixel density gives the illusion that the screen is actually bigger than it is.  My friends always wonder why my screen is bigger than theirs, even though we have same phone.
  6. slim bean rom screenshot features

3. Liquid Smooth

This one is my favorite as it gets the most battery life, I average 3 days battery life with this one. Liquid smooth has always been a favorite of mine, since I owned a Galaxy S2.  I’ve also been through Liquid Smooth with Galaxy S3. galaxy s4 liquid smooth liquid smooth galaxy s4 battery life screenshots


  SaberMod 4.7 GCC Toolchain     -O3 Strict-Aliasing & ISO C++11 Mode     ARM Optimized String Handling Routines     Linaro and Code Aurora Optimizations     Customizable lock screen buttons/sliders     Chronus & Dashclock widgets     Customizable hardware and software keys     Transparent navbar and status bar     Customizable navbar ring     Navigation bar widgets     Customizable power menu     Notification power widget     Customizable quick settings panel     Status bar mods     Theme engine     Quiet hours     Volume rocker music controls     Full Rotation     Customizable battery and notification light     And way more then this...