Stock: ( Rooted same process minus the rooting 😛 )

  1. OTA (over the air update) to 4.2.
  2. Download this tool Nexus 7 Tool kit
  3. Connect your device to computer
  4. if you don’t have drivers for your nexus 7 you can get them in the tool kit (do this if you haven’t)
  5. Choose 4.2.2
  6. Make sure your in fast boot mode (hold power and down for that till recovery pops up)
  7. 1-click for all (unlock, root, rename, custom recovery, busybox)
  8. Choose which super user you want it doesn’t really matter
  9. pick a recovery option i use twrp but both are good
  10. read the toolkit and then type yes to continue
  11. is your tablet locked or unlocked tell the tool
  12. then let it do its magic.
  13. Download this 4.3 stock rom
  14. now that you’re rooted boot into fastboot then into recovery via the volume up button then press power
  15. TWRP/cwmod should pop up now click install
  16. and navigate to your 4.3 stock rom and install it.
  17. Now your good to go enjoy!
  18. root with the same method as above