HTC One turn off auto correct htc one 4.2.2 pros and cons Here are the pros and cons The Good

  1. Gallery has removed the extra step to go to events,albums etc
  2. App drawer animation is waaay smoother
  3. Dynamic contrast now doesnt flicker the screen [I think]
  4. If you have multiple types of numbers stored for a contact, it comes up in small just above the message from the type the message has come

The Bad

  1. proximity issue
  2. Battery life issues
  3. crackling noise during call
  4. Some of the Issues I found.
  5. Normal mode in camera produces a blue tinge in the view finder.
  6. BoomSound volume is a little lesser.
  7. Power saving mode has degraded, or maybe the brightness level has been increased. Something has definately changed in that.
  8.  Wifi Hotspot  issues being reported by people.