Here is a list of top free PSP or NDS emulators for android, which you can download from the Play store.  Put all that power which your Galaxy S3, S4 or HTC One has to good use.  To check compatibility of specific games such as God of War PSP Games (my favorite), visit the Compatibility forums link below.  


android ppsspp emulator


PPSSPP is a PSP emulator for Android and other platforms. It runs a lot of games, but depending on the power of your device all may not run at full speed. See for more information.


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nds4droid is a free Nintendo DS emulator. It is still in it’s infancy but supports many features you’d expect like save states and sound. It also supports the OUYA game console. nds4droid - screenshot thumbnail

Dolphin Emulator Alpha

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This is the first OpenGL ES 3 application on the Android Market! The amount of devices that support OpenGL ES 3 is minimal at best. Hardware support will increase in the future as more phones come to market!