We all missed Megavideo which allowed us to stream Megaupload.com videos, before it was shut down by the U.S. The good news is that you can now stream mega.co.nz videos using mega-stream.me, mega-stream.me is a sister site of Mega-search.me which allows people to search for mega.co.nz files and videos.  The service is still in beta, but it looks very promising.

How it works ?

MEGA-STREAM.ME allows you to stream video/audio links from the site mega.co.nz. You need to install VLC with the Chrome/Firefox plugin. Since this service is still in beta, some links may not work. High quality video (720p and more) are very hard to stream. Please note that you can’t forward/backward in the player, it will crash. Contact : [email protected] stream mega.co.nz video mega


Another service that allows you to stream mega.co.nz videos is called NimbusVid. NimbusVid currently only works with Google Chrome